Tramex Remote Environmental Monitoring System Kit - TREMS-10

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The Tramex Remote Environmental Monitoring System has been designed and developed by Tramex for professionals who depend on the most accurate, reliable, real-time building environment temperature and relative humidity readings using state of the art technology to respond quickly to environmental changes and notify users.

The TREMS-10 comprises 10 CS-RHTA Tramex Cloud Sensors and a Tramex Cloud Station router. Multiple Sensors can be used with one Station and additional sensor Accessory Packs are also available. Registration and on-site set-up is simple using a QR code check-in procedure.

The on-site Sensors, with battery life of up to 15 years, transmit relative humidity, temperature (ºC and ºF), dew point and grains per pound / grams per kilo readings wirelessly via the Tramex Cloud Station enabling remote monitoring of up to 200 on-site Sensors on the Tramex Cloud platform. Tramex Cloud is a secure platform to store and report your moisture, temperature and relative humidity measurements, get notified of adverse conditions and quickly monitor status from any browser.

There are no subscription fees and there is free data storage for two years with the Tramex Remote Environmental Monitoring System.

Product Order Code: TREMS-10

10 x CS-RHTA Tramex Cloud Sensors
1 x Tramex Cloud Station
1 x Heavy Duty Protective Carry Case
Tramex Cloud Software Monitoring platform (Tablet not included)
Antennae for Cloud Station

Temperature Sensor Specifications:
Exeptional Accuracy: ±0.1 °C Range 20°C to 60°C (±0.1ºF Range 68ºF to 140ºF)
Range: -40ºC to 125ºC (-40ºF to 257ºF)
Sensor Protection: PTFE Film protects sensor opening from water & dust
Drift: <0.03ºC (0.04ºF) per year

Relative Humidity Sensor Specifications:
Exceptional Accuracy: ±1.5%RH Range 0% to 80%RH, ±2.0%RH Range 80% to 99%RH (@ 25ºC (77ºF))
Range: 0 to 100%RH
Resolution 0.1% over the complete range
Drift <0.25%RH per year

Sensor Specifications:
Transmission Range: Over 3kms line-of-sight
Communication Frequency: Multiple readings per hour.
Identification: Items individually coded for ease of install and logging identification.
Size: 100mm x 90mm x35mm (3.94” x 3.54” x 1.38”)
Weight: 100g (3.53oz)
Construction: ABS enclosure
Power: Built in CR123A battery with up to 15 year lifespan
Included: Wall Mounting

Tramex Cloud Specifications
Frequency: Region Specific frequency available
Security: WPA2-PSK encryption, no unwarranted telemetry/tracking.
Size: 130mm x 115mm x 30mm (5.12” x 4.53” x 1.19”)
Weight: 270g (9.5oz)
Power: Universal AC Power Adapter
Construction: Wall-mountable Industrial Aluminium

Tramex Remote Environmental Monitoring System Kit Datasheet

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