Calibration & Repairs

Tramex recommend calibration of your moisture meter every 12 months, to comply with ASTM standards for moisture testing.

Cornell Group is the only authorised Tramex repairer throughout Australia & New Zealand, performing calibration and repair services.

There is generally a 10 business day turnaround from the time we receive your meter until you get it back.

Unfortunately we cannot hire out replacement meters while yours is in for repair.

You can send us your meter for calibration/repair to either of the following addresses:
Note: Please include an email address, return mailing address and phone number, along with information regarding any specific issues for our repairer to look at.

Cornell Group Pty Ltd
Att: Repairs
PO Box 7145
Silverwater NSW 2128

For private courier deliveries and pickups:

Cornell Group Pty Ltd
c/o Kartel Logistics
Att: Repairs
4 Harbord Street
Granville NSW 2142

Please note: Our warehouse location is for logistics only. No sales, customer support or repairs are available on site.

Service & Pricing Guide

Meter Calibration
Calibration only service (all hand held meters) - $75.00

Pad Electrode Replacement Service (worn out pads)
MEP - $80.00
MRH3 - $80.00
SMP - $80.00
SMM5 - $110.00 
ME5 - $110.00

Spring Electrode Replacement Service (worn out/broken springs)
CME4 - $110.00
CMEX2 - $110.00
CME5 - $150.00
CMEX5 - $150.00

Pin Probe Repair Service
Broken Pin Probe cable repair service (HH14TP30 & HA21SP52) - $85.00
Broken Pin Probe RCA connector plug (MRH3 & CMEX2) - $75.00

Replacement Parts (if required):
New analogue meter dial (MEP, ME5, CME4 & CME5) - $85
New digital LCD meter screen (CMEX2 & MRH3) - $110 
New Battery Connection (MEP, CME4, MRH3, CMEX2, SMP) - $35.00
New battery cover - $10
New battery - $5

* Prices subject to change without prior notice and listed in AUD inc GST