Tramex Moisture Encounter - MEX5

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The NEW Moisture Encounter MEX5 is the ultimate multi-functional moisture and humidity meter, ideal for moisture mapping, building surveying, and inspection.

The Moisture Encounter MEX5 measures moisture content conditions with non-destructive, material-specific scales designed and calibrated for wood, drywall, plaster, tile, roofing, and masonry.

A Shallow-depth scale reduces penetration to 10mm for wood %MC and non-destructive WME wood moisture equivalent precision in other building materials.

Featuring a built-in hygrometer for ambient psychrometric values and an Infrared Surface Thermometer, the MEX5 also has connections for in-situ RH and Pin probes for in-situ psychrometrics and Pin wood, drywall, and WME measurements.

The Moisture Encounter MEX5 is an essential and indispensable asset for professionals in the building moisture inspection and restoration industry.

The new MEX5 includes:

  • Moisture detection and mapping for a multitude of building materials.
  • Instant, non-destructive, material-specific scale ranges/sensitivities.
  • Built-in hygrometer and infrared surface thermometer.
  • Ambient psychrometric and material moisture values simultaneously displayed.
  • Dual-depth comparative of surface and core moisture.
  • In-situ RH & Pin Probe connections.
  • Quantitative % moisture content in wood and drywall.

… and there’s more…

  • Bluetooth connection to Tramex Meters App for Geo-tagged and time stamped mapping visuals and reports.
  • Traffic-light LEDs help indicate low, medium, and high moisture values.
  • Baseline ‘dry standard’ setting and comparative.
  • NDT WME non-destructive testing wood moisture equivalent readings.
  • Adjustable Wood SG Specific Gravity.
  • 500+ Wood species and International Standards available for Pin Probe.
  • Automatic pin probe wood temperature correction.
  • Automatic EMC expected moisture content evaluation for wood.
  • One-screen psychrometrics, surface temperature, and enthalpy display
  • Large, clear easy-to-read digital display.
  • Robust, ergonomic enclosure.
  • Extension bracket with telescopic handle (optional)

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