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Providing In-Situ Moisture Content Readings In A Tramex Unified Moisture Content Test Method


The Tramex Concrete Moisture Probe, The Determinator, extends the capabilities of the Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter range, the CME5, CMEX5 and older meters CME4 and CMEX2, providing in-situ Moisture Content readings in a Tramex Unified Moisture Content Test Method of quantitative Moisture Content measurements in both the top 20mm layer and within the body of concrete floors and slabs down to an extendable depth of up to 100mm, Diameter 19mm.

The Determinator is supplied in a Tramex hard case with allocated space for your Tramex Concrete Moisture meter.


  • Instant and Accurate
  • Designed to work in the same drill-hole made for the F2170 test.
  • Eliminate confusion between in-situ Relative Humidity tests and surface Moisture Content tests.
  • Determine if moisture is coming from below or above the concrete slab surface.
  • Determine the type and extent of mitigation if needed.
  • Reusable, Extendable, and requires no plastic hole liners.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounters CME5, CMEX5, (CME4 and CMEX2)

Product Design

The Concrete Moisture Probe when used with Tramex CME instruments operates on the principle that the electrical impedance of a material varies with its moisture content. The CME instrument is pressed onto the CMP cradle which is pressed onto the material surface with the pins fully compressed and the probe inserted into the pre-drilled 19mm hole to measure the moisture content. The electrical impedance is measured by creating a low frequency alternating electric field between the electrodes and the probe, to a depth of up to 10cm. This field penetrates the material under test. The very small alternating current flowing through the field is inversely proportional to the impedance of the material. The instrument detects this current, determines its amplitude and thus derives the moisture value.

Operating Procedure

The Determinator cradle should be flat on the slab surface and the Tramex Concrete Moisture Meter placed and firmly pressed onto the cradle with the pins fully compressed. The probe reads from the bottom, within the body of the slab, up to the surface.

Size: 43.5cm x 36cm x 14cm
Weight: 2.6kg
Construction: ABS Body

Moisture Content for Concrete with Tramex CMEX5 and CMEX2: 0 - 6.9%
Moisture Content for Concrete with Tramex CME5 and CME4: 0 - 6%

Depth of Penetration:

3cm probe depth for concrete between 5-10cm 
5.7cm probe depth for concrete between 10-15cm 
8.3cm probe depth for concrete between 15-22cm 
10.8cm probe depth for concrete between 22-28cm


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